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FlexCourt Surfaces

FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

Jump higher, run faster, and make your shots soar with a FlexCourt basketball court in your home or backyard. It’s the court of your dreams, and you’re only a few clicks away to make it a reality. FlexCourt basketball courts are the perfect addition to your home as they help your family get outside and active together. They also give your kids and their friends a safe place to play and help your growing athletes train harder and longer. When it comes to basketball or any other sports your family loves, FlexCourt has you covered. Talk to our court experts about building your custom basketball court today.


Why should I choose a FlexCourt basketball court?

FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

When you play on a FlexCourt basketball court, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your game. That’s because our outdoor courts use ProStep™ and SoftStep™ tiles that act as incredible shock absorbers to help reduce the wear and tear on your joints while you play. The end result? You’ll be able to practice those jump shots longer, challenge your friends to pick up games more often and give yourself more time to shine and play the game you love. Here’s a quick snapshot of some other advantages our courts will bring to your home.

  • Fast and easy installation for a DIY project (professional installation also available)
  • All-weather surface for easy maintenanceand cleaning
  • Quick drying and fast draining systems – no standing water or puddles
  • Low heat radiation tiles that help control temperatures – no more sweltering pavements
  • 16-year limited warranty
  • 18 different colors and multiple layout options

FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

FlexCourt Outdoor court options:


The serious Outdoor court for the serious player.

FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha
  • Performance Traction Design
  • High Grip Ratio
  • Maximum FleXion Rating
  • Surface Expansion Technology


The multi-use Outdoor court for every player.

FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha
  • Triple FleXtraction Design
  • Non-Abrasive Finish
  • Unique Interlocking System
  • Skate Design Technology

ProStep is the most popular Outdoor court option due to its superior performance traction and maximum FleXion™ rating – designed for high grip and superior shock-absorption. This helps both recreational players and serious athletes train harder and longer while reducing the risk of injury due to slippery surfaces. Also reduces repetitive impact on ankles, knees, and backs.
SoftStep is designed for families with children (who may fall) as well as players that are more recreational-minded. Featuring an abrasive-free surface texture with effective intermediate traction points, SoftStep sports courts are great for family-oriented, recreational fun and a great multi-game court surface with dryer weather in mind.

Our Most Popular Backyard Courts!

All of these courts below include the following:

  • Choose one of 18 court colors.
  • Choose one of 18 lane colors.
  • White or black lines (lane, free throw, and 3 point)
  • Borders (ramps)
  • Shipping (excludes Hawaii and Alaska)

Defender Basketball Court

Court Dimensions: 24’2” x 24’2”
MSRP $4,199
Sale $3,899 FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

Contender Basketball Court

Court Dimensions: 24’2” x 30’
MSRP $4,999
Sale $4,599 FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

Dominator Basketball Court

Court Dimensions: 29’2” x 29’2”
MSRP $5,699
Sale $5,199 FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

Competitor Basketball Court

Court Dimensions: 30’ x 44’4”
MSRP $7,799
Sale $6,999 FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

Superior Basketball Court

Court Dimensions: 30’ x 49’4”
MSRP $8,999
Sale $7,999 FlexCourt Backyard Playworld Omaha

What kind of surface do I need?

All FlexCourt Basketball Courts must be installed on a concrete surface. While concrete is preferred, asphalt can be an option as well. Backyard Playworld offers installation for all our in-ground basketball goals and FlexCourt Basketball Courts; however we do not offer installation for the concrete pad. Please contact a local concrete company and we will be more than happy to work together in providing the correct concrete pad specifications needed for your backyard FlexCourt Basketball Court!

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